Fantasmic for the holidays

Wondering if the fantasmic show is any different for the holidays or if it has changed over the last few years. I’m trying to decide if it’s worth staying in Hollywood studios after dark or better to just leave for dinner elsewhere. I know they have jingle bam thing but heard some bad reviews.

Fantasmic remains the same throughout the year. Personally, it’s always worth it to me as it’s my favorite nighttime show but it will be the same show you’ve seen before. They’ve added an enhancement or two over the years but overall, it’s the same show

F! hasn’t changed in at least the last 15 years - at least not that I’ve noticed. No Holiday special show. Personally, I’ve gotten quite tired of it and rarely go anymore. As for Jingle Bam, I, too, have read some negative reviews, and was somewhat less than impressed with what I saw on YouTube - but if I was there, I would probably stay for it. Videos rarely do a live show justice, and I’m a believer of trying things at least once and forming my own opinion (except for Princess meals; sorry, NOT doing that).