Fantasmic during Sept Halloween party?

Heading to the park last week of September to get Halloween ambiance without the crowds. We don’t plan on doing DHP, which is MWF that week, so we’re trying to plan around that. I really want to see the new Fantasmic, but I know that in off season, it’s usually just on weekends. Anyone know if that’s the case with DHP being on a Friday? We’ll only be in town M-F, so Sat and Sun aren’t options, unfortunately.

Following… we’ve never seen Fantasmic, not sure if it’s worth the watch.

Same with the Rivers of Light experience at AK.

They probably won’t run F! during the week as the only non-party week nights are Tues & Thur. However, I am not 100% on that answer so definitely check the entertainment schedule as Disney releases it. It looks like they have released up to the 3rd week of Sept so within 1-2 more weeks you should be able to see what the first week of Halloween parties looks like & they will most likely model that for the rest of the Halloween party weeks.

It depends on if you’re planning a trip to Disneyland (which is the category this question is in) or Disney World (where Rivers of Light is…)

F! in Disneyland is amazing especially the new updates BUT either requires a lot of camping out in the FP line for a good view or an expensive dining package and then you are either sitting on the ground or standing up the whole show (depending on the section you sit in). The seated arena at DW makes a much better experience of getting a spot & you’re in a seat for all the wait before the show.

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Yeah, that’s kind of what I figured, but thought I’d ask. :frowning: Just have to wait until my May trip to see it. Probably be better then anyway, once the crowds die down some.

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Hey @lolabear_la - I booked a dining package with the rivers of light fp+ option (AK in Disneyworld area) just to be sure. Thank you for the info!