Fantasmic DP ticket, but can you sit near the exit instead please?

Hi, if we get a DP Fantasmic ticket can we use it to go in early and sit near the exit please?

I believe they let everyone in at the same time, the Dinner package (and FP+?) has roped off seating that the general public are unable to sit in. My recommendation would be to line up early to enter the amphitheater so that you can get seating the last row either in the dinner package reservation section or the last row in the section closest to the exit (would not be in the reserved area)
When we were there last there was a stand by line and a FPP/Dinner Package line and they let us all in at the same time, just one had a CM scanning bands and the other didn’t.
When in doubt you could always ask a CM to help you locate seating that would accommodate your party the best. :blush:

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The theater is so large. If I were you I would save the money and just line up early. Most of the time I have gone it has been cramped but the lines to exit seem to go fast. We always wanted in the middle :slight_smile: I’ve never paid for them. I thought they were up close when you do the DP but not sure.

Its the full middle section. You can be up close but a lot choose to sit back a ways so they don’t get wet.

If you want to sit near the exit I wouldn’t pay for the dining package because you really won’t be very close to either exit.

Thank you, we will skip the DP.