Fantasmic! dinner package

I am trying to figure out ADR’s, and I thought I wanted to do the Fantasmic! dinner package, but I looked over The menu at Hollywood and Vine and it does not appeal. I thought we would do Hollywood Brown and Derby, but the kids menu is terrible. I would end up paying $17.00 per kid for them to eat Hotdogs, when The really want steak. Any ideas if I should just skip it and wait in line, or if I should bite the bullet and pay? We will be attending on a crowd level 3 day.

have you looked at the Mama Melrose menu? We had our F! lunch there and enjoyed it. We were there on a CL 1 day and am glad we had the package. It’s nice not to have to worry about lining up early.

I ended up with Mama Melrose, because it was the only one I could get.

Yeah, Momma Melrose is very kid friendly. We did the dinner Fantasmic package and it was well worth it.

Another vote for Mama Melrose. Did that last summer with the F! package and it was well worth it…for both the food and the seating at F!

The only real concern I have is my kids don’t like tomatoes or red sauce. So the menu becomes problematic.

They will accomdate you and switch out sauces or provide other options instead of the red sauce.