Fantasmic Dining Package Voucher ¿?

If DH and I have park hoppers and will also have the Fantasmic Dining package voucher from H&V. Does that have to be used on the day it was received or can it be used another night of our trip? We will be down before Toy Story Land opens and will barely have a 1/2 day in the park. We want to RD but don’t want to spend ALL afternoon there and we don’t do anything SW related. If we hop to another park, chances are we won’t want to hop back just to see Fantasmic.

When we were there in November the voucher was stamped with that day’s date. I assume it would still be the same

It has to be used on that day.

Rats. Thanks for letting me know.

But hopping to Epcot is easy from HS. You could hop do rides in EP, eat dinner in the World and take a nice boat ride back to HS for fantasmic