Fantasmic Dining Package River Belle Terrace

I was wondering if anybody has done the upgraded Fantastic Dining Package at the River Belle Terrace where you stay and eat on the patio. Is the view good? was it a good experience? How was the food? any advice or hints would be greatly appreciated…2 grandparents and 2 chidden, 12 and 9.

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Fred in Oregon

I have never had the River Belle Fantasmic package but I know that the River Belle offers an EXCELLENT view of the Fantastic stage because as I have walked past the outdoor patio diners, I have envied them for their great view. When I have eaten at River Belle, I have always enjoyed their food.

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I have done it and loved it.


It is a fantastic option for those who don’t/can’t sit on the ground where all the non-premium dining packages have you sit. While I personally enjoy the view better from closer (on-the-ground) seating, you still have a great view from the River Belle patio and in a seat with fantastic service being provided to you at dinner. The patio is elevated (some places more than others) from the walkway so your view isn’t obstructed unless you are sat farther back on the patio and then in that case, you may have the heads of some of the other diners to work around, but as with any other viewing area where you aren’t the front row, you should be able to position yourself to be able to see very well in between groups/heads in front of you (more in a minute on how to possibly avoid being sat farther back on the patio).

We have done the package once and the service was truly top-notch; the sides & bread were all fantastic and the ribs were a true stand-out as far the entrees go (the other entrees very much less as amazing but all fine if ribs aren’t appealing to you) and the Maleficent-themed dessert was also fabulous. We were at a rail-side table & the most center towards the show so our view was perfect (with my only note being that it was a little farther back than I prefer to be to see/experience the effects of F!) and the sound from the show was plenty loud and blocked out most of any of the noise from passerby’s on the walkway below us (and the CMs directing the flow of traffic) & I only really paid attention to them bc I had wondered if being right next to that walkway would impact our view/enjoyment of the show, but it proved to be a total non-distraction. Also, we were very slow to order & eat (we have 3 small kids so it’s kind of how things go in general) so by the time the show started we hadn’t yet had dessert but as soon as the show ended our server immediately came to our table to handle our dessert service/settling of the bill. I did notice that our server was visible nearby & we could have signaled for our server during the show to get any refills on drinks or, had we wanted to take our attention off the show, order dessert. While I loved the VIP feel of the service & being able to sit in my same seat following dinner for the show, we haven’t booked it again as we prefer to be closer and also, I don’t feel that I would want to gamble on getting a table that wasn’t rail-side & pay the same up-charge price for being further back/had possible heads in my view.

A few recommendations/notes I like to give when someone is interested in the package: They appear to assign the best (rail-side) seats to those that book the earliest, so as soon as is convenient for you after the dates have opened, book it! (usually 60 days in advance but can be a little less if the schedules are still finalizing). You’re only able to book by calling for this package & there is a $25/person up-charge from the regular dining package. Lastly, there’s only one seating (usually at 8pm for the 9pm show) so you’ll just want to make sure that you’re all happy (or able to work with) eating at that set time.