Fantasmic Dining Package--Online Reservation Problem

I can make ADR’s this Saturday for our April DW Trip, and when I went to explore the site and learn how it operates, the dates in April for are greyed out and are not accessible. Any idea why this is and how I can make reservations Saturday?

April 15 is 180 days from now. If you are looking at a date after this they are grayed out because they Are not open for booking yet. When you hit 180 your 180 date plus 10 will open up for you

I too thought it was because I wasn’t at the 180 day mark but all of March is inaccessible as well. Perhaps I’ll have to call rather than make online reservations.

Try logging out and then logging back in. Are you on the browser or APP version? Maybe clear your cookies if on the browser or re install the APP if on the APP.

I just tried clearing my history/cache, etc. If I try to make just a dining reservation for Mama Melorose’, March and most of April is accessible. It’s on the Fantasmic Dining Package page that March and April are inaccessible. Very disconcerting.
I do appreciate your help though. Thank you.

Ahhh. It could be they are not loaded yet. Sometimes everything does not get loaded at 180 days. If you call and they can’t book it for you either, it means it is not loaded.

I just spoke to the Disney folks about my Thanksgiving Fantasmic Dining package which has a strange glitch given that they have now added a second show that day. Relevant to the OP, Disney said they cannot book Fantasmic Dining yet for April in the course of our conversation. It may be that they are trying to figure out how many Fantasmic shows they want to have in April before they open up reservations, to avoid the strange problem I’ve got. [My problem is that my dining is booked for 6pm, but the Fantasmic show listed says for the “first show” which is now at 7pm, and there’s no way I could have made that. They said now that I will be booked for the 8:30pm show. The website does not say there are VIP seatings for the second show but apparently they have made an exception for this case when they have added an earlier show after a lot of bookings have already happened.]

F! is not released for April yet. Don’t think March is on the system either. Feb was loaded to the system over a month late. Once F! show times are on the website then dinner packages are released.

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Thank you all for your help!