Fantasmic! Dining Package ADR

I was hoping to book an ADR for the F! Dining Package at BB in DLR around the middle of October, which is less than 60 days away, but all of the days in October are grayed out and not available to select on the Web site. The weekends are showing as available in September, but not in October. If I check for BB by itself without the package, the October dates are open. Does anyone happen to know if ADRs for Dining Packages can be booked 60 days out at DLR and DCA?

Not sure haven’t done dl but for wdw F! packages the show times need to be confirmed in the system and showing on the website before they take bookings Another reason could be if there is special Halloween event/fireworks/show instead then they might offer a different dining package which is still to be announced. Best to call and ask. Sorry it’s not much help

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I’m pretty sure you can book 60 days out. I also know I had to call to book mine in June because the website was messed up. So, if they’re showing not available, it could be because of a glitch or a refurb or the Halloween party. I know there’s a party every Friday in October and I’m pretty sure there’s no Fantasmic on party nights. I agree - it’s best to call and see what they say. Good luck :smile:

I called Disney Dining to check on the situation. They said that they are working on the scheduling for the October dates, so ADRs for dinner for the dining packages for F! or WoC (or for any dinner ADRs) are not available at this time. They expect the dates to be available within the next couple of days.