Fantasmic Dessert & VIP Viewing Experience

I’ve scheduled the Fantasmic Dessert & VIP Viewing Experience for June 1. The info asks us to be there for 7:50pm. Fantasmic is 9pm that night, making that a 70 minute wait if we show up when it advises. Is that really necessary? Has anyone done this package, that could give some insight?


We’ve done it. I wouldn’t say it isn’t necessary to show up that early, but I believe they just block off a section of seating and it’s first come first served, so I suppose it depends on how picky you are about your seats. DH and I have done it, but we are in ECVs, so we sit up at the top anyway.


Does the bench seating get squished? Do you have any elbow room?

From what I’ve seen it’s not that bad.

I’m interested in this exact question. There’s no way I’m showing up that early. It almost defeats the point of booking the package in the first place. As I remember it, none of the seats in the whole theatre are “bad”.

Due to slow a dinner service, we arrived 10 min before show time and experienced no issues with being comfortably seated. The Cast Members, from the front gate to the theater were extremely helpful at directing us to the proper location.

On a side note … don’t try and take the souvenir mug with you while it still contains any liquid (even nonalcoholic). I went through the grand inquisition from Security while carrying it around. Empty it, put it in your bag and save yourself the grief.


Following this . . . interested in other experiences too. I agree with @profmatt, it almost defeats the purpose.

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We turned up 10 mins beforehand and found seats OK, we also didn’t use our tickets on the day of our meal, it was valid for 5 days, and no one looks that closely. There’s a pay off between view and being able to escape easily at the end. Personaly I like to be at the top near an aisle, VIP is quite central, so I think the view was decent from everywhere.

Profmatt, how much before the show did you end up arriving? You did the dessert package?

In the end, I didn’t go. I was tired, the weather wasn’t great and I just wanted to go to bed early.

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Understandable considering your itinerary!