Fantasmic CLOSED for refurbishment!


We will be at Disneyland the first week of October and I just found out from Disney that Fantasmic and the Disney Railroad will be closed unto summer of 2017! I can live without the railroad, but Fantasmic is spectacular. One of the drawbacks of going outside of peak season. We will just have to be satisfied with the Parades, Firework Shows, and World of Color. Really bummed about Fantasmic!


This extended closure for the Railroad and Fantasmic is for Star Wars Land construction. They're re-routing the railroad (which has been done in the past) and river to make room for the new Land. You're right, though, about the Disneyland show being very good. I watched it once and it ruined Fantasmic in Disney World for me!


I have to agree. F! at DL is "don't miss". At WDW it's "don't bother". There are rumors of a DHS F! "update", but no details of what or when.


Oh no!!! I wanted to see that, haven't been to HS before and going first week of December 2016. Made two ADR with fantasmic VIP seating just for that reason. Maybe they will honor the ADR with another special show ticket. Heard that's what they did with the electric parade VIP area packages.


Wait you said Disneyland not World in Florida? Correct


DL closed for SWL build. DHS open.


I have to ask what makes you say WDW's is don't bother?

IMO, WDW's is better (the mountain feels much more appropriate than the cabin in the finale) so I have to get your opinion on why you feel that way.


I am curious also, although regardless of opinions, I will still look forward to seeing it for the first time at Wdw this December


For me, the setting is better on the Rivers of America than to see boats coming in a river that doesn't look like a river. What really sold me, though, is the Columbia. There's nothing like that in Fantasmic in Florida. I also admit an anti-DHS Fantasmic bias, because getting out of that theater at the end of the show is so miserable (not that crowds are great in Disneyland, either, but they seem to disperse more quickly there).


I will definitely agree that the Peter Pan segment is fantastic! Although I do love Pocahontas too. I have heard rumor of Pirates of the Caribbean replacing Peter Pan when Fantasmic comes back next year.


No question Fantasmic is better at Disneyland because of the setting, but DON'T listen to those that really knock Fantasmic at WDW, because it is still FANTASTIC and a CAN'T MISS! I have seen Fantasmic in both parks several times and it is ALWAYS GREAT regardless of which park you see it in!


You won't be disappointed!


I had the same "Oh Nooo!!" moment. I am sorry for those going to DL that they wont be able to see it this year, but I was super relieved when I realized it was not WDW. Phew.


I can't agree with this. At all. This is like saying "don't bother with The Haunted Mansion in WDW because there's no Hatbox Ghost." While Disneyland might put on a better/different show, that does not make the WDW one bad in any respect. Especially if you haven't seen it before, absolutely make time to see it.

You guys have to remember your "experienced" opinions can greatly influence those who never, or very rarely, get to go to a Disney park. You just told a bunch of people that the Disney World version of Fantasmic is not enjoyable at all and that the DL one is the only one worth seeing.

While that might be the case on your umpteenth viewing, it is extremely unlikely that would be the case on a first viewing, regardless of where one is viewing it. I urge you to keep the "new eyes" in mind when dispensing your advice/opinions, especially on something to avoid. Most of us are coming here for tips to maximize our enjoyment of our vacation and when something is given a less than stellar review, be it a restaurant or ride or show, it will easily fall off our lists. During my planning, I wasn't concerned with getting a Fantasmic viewing in WDW because of opinions like these, but by chance I ended up seeing it and I am thrilled that I did as I completely enjoyed it!


Frankly, that was my experience with Fantasmic in Disney World. I've only seen it twice and didn't really enjoy it either time. However, that is only my opinion. I encourage people to try everything at least once, if they have time, but if someone has to prioritize things to see on their vacation and they ask me for advice, then I will share my experience. If others disagree, then it's great that they share dissenting views and each individual can make up their own mind!