Fantasmic and Star Wars fireworks actually overlapping?

They’ve just updated the HS hours for Labor Day weekend, to being 9:00-9:00 with Fantasmic at 8:30 and SW fireworks at 8:45, instead of 9:00-8:00 with Fantasmic at 8:30. Fantasmic is longer than 15 minutes, and would be considerably interrupted by large fireworks going very nearby so I’m wondering how that’s going to work.

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That is usual !

I think they did something similar for some dates in July, showing times only 15 minutes apart, but then they changed them to 30 minutes apart. Yours is not the first time they’ve shown odd times. Hopefully they will fix it for you soon!

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I hope they fix this too… I feel like it’s kind of crazy to essentially make people choose between one of your nighttime spectaculars.

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I’m visiting Labor Day weekend as well. I’ve completed my touring plans for the park, and I noticed the same thing. Can that really be correct?!? So, I have to Choose between the 2 things?? That is horrible!!

I’m not so much worried about having to choose (we’re staying at Beach Club Villas the last night of the trip, so we can just go over and watch the fireworks that night) as I’m worried that the large fireworks show starting up behind us is going to be distracting during Fantasmic.


I just returned from WDW and the Star Wars fireworks are indeed interfering with Fantasmic!. The current schedule has the fireworks starting at 8:45 or 15 minutes the F! which starts at 8:30. The light and booms from the fireworks impact the F! stage and sound. Everyone in my party found it very distracting.

I would recommend anyone going to DHS avoid F! if the overlapping schedule continues. I hate writing that because I think F! is a great show. In fact, both shows are great but overlapping their performances is a big mistake and is really impacting the guest experience watching Fantasmic!.

I hope that WDW management adjusts the scheduling soon.

I agree… it wasn’t enough to drown out the show, but it was definitely incongruent.

We are going first week of October. Fireworks are scheduled for 7.45, Fantasmic! for 8.00. I guess this will make sure the fireworks do not interfere with F!, but it is still impossible to see both shows in one night. We’ll skip F! this time because we’ve seen it before and the fireworks are new, but would have loved to see both. Sigh… I just don’t understand why Disney does it this way. Could it be a move to prove HS isn’t a half-day park, even with all the attractions that are closed this year?

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Ugh, that’s annoying. We were hoping to see both, but will skip F! to see SW fireworks if we have to. I LOVE HS but really wish that for what Disney costs we didn’t have to make choices like these.


Especially for a park already running at half capacity (at best)

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Are the crowds unusually low lately? I haven’t been totally tracking, but will be happy if that is the case on our trip! I know a lot of people aren’t too overly excited about what’s available at HS as of late.

I mean half capacity as far as attractions etc. (sorry, I should have specified) I’m not sure about crowd levels personally but from what I’ve seen online, I think they’ve been relatively low. It’s just disappointing to me that Disney charges full price admission for a park that really doesn’t have a lot going for it right now and then runs it’s nighttime shows simultaneously so you have to choose between the two. This is honestly the first time I’ve felt Disney is truly letting the guest experience take a back seat.

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What I’ve heard is that there are fewer guests than normal, but, because nearly half the park is under construction and the guests cannot spread out, it seems crowded.

Eeew I hope it doesn’t feel super crowded, but that makes sense.

I didn’t think it felt more crowded than a CL4 has felt in the past.

Also, I sent off an e-mail to Disney to comment on my experience, and I just got a voicemail asking me to please call because they have a few questions regarding my feedback. Since I didn’t check the “please contact me to fix this” box (since it’s over and done with, and I knew what I was getting going in) that’s a surprise.

Interesting. Let us know how that turns out, if you decide to call them back.

Yes please, I’m curious to see what they have to say

I just sent an email about this as well. Let’s compare responses.

I cannot agree more with this.

Due to a last minute fast pass availability, I wasn’t aware I had picked an “overlapping” night but I went to see fantasmic. An absolutely fantastic show that had the last 15 minutes of, I consider, nearly ruined because of the Star Wars stuff.

The light from the sw fireworks were revealing some of the shows illusions and people were leaving because they literally saw something shiny off in the distance.

In addition, both shows finished up at the same time (which makes me wonder why they couldn’t schedule this better) so you close out the park regardless of which show you see. Ya like mobs of people heading for busses? Well you are going to LOVE this!! Haha

I felt awful for the performers of fantasmic more than anything. Here’s a show, with live performers knocking it out of the park, getting encroached on by a computerized projection show.