Fantasmic and Illuminations same night?

When I am there in Feb, at least one night Fantasmic is at 7. Illuminations is at 9. Am I crazy to try and make both? I was thinking I could sit near the exit and walk between the parks via the walkway and IG. I walk fast…just not sure if it’s possible.

It is possible. DH and I have done it. Your strategy is good … position yourself near the exit, walk with a purpose to International Gateway.

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Thanks! Good to know it is possible!

It’s def possible. Last Friday the Mrs. and I watched Jingle Bell Jingle BAM!, which started at 8. It was pretty chilly, so we opted not to walk to Epcot for Illuminations. Instead we grabbed an Uber out in front of Hollywood Studios to the Boardwalk resort, cost less than $8, and walked in through the international gateway and had enough time to grab a few beers to go from the Rose & Crown and nab a good viewing spot on the little island between the UK and France pavilions.

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It’s definitely possible. I wouldn’t walk all the way though - it’s a long way.

Walk fast at the end of fantasmic and get the boat from HS to Epcot.

The boat journey is only 20 mins ish and even if you have to wait for the boat to leave I’m sure you will arrive in good time for illuminations

And that’s a pleasant way to do it rather than s stressful way IMO

Thanks. I forgot about the boat. I’ll keep it in mind - though being a NYCer, I don’t find walking stressful. :slight_smile:

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If the boat isn’t there when you leave HS it’s quicker to walk. The boat ride (including all the resort stops) to Epcot takes about 20 minutes, walking is the same. :slight_smile:


That’s been our experience with the boat. I find walking that route less stressful when I’m trying to get somewhere on a schedule.

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