Fantasmic and fireworks in September off season

If I have a voucher to get into fantasmic viewing area for first show (hungry bear dining package) can I make it to the fireworks or do they overlap? Is the later fantasmic show better? This is an off season Sunday night.

Thanks so much!

I’ve always found it far easier to make the transition from fireworks to Fantasmic! rather than the other way around. The time gap from F! to fireworks is relatively small, and the area in the hub is limited. Going the other way, you have plenty of time to get to the rivers of America before F! begins, and far more open options for viewing.


100% agree with everything said! Seeing the early F! & trying to make it over to fireworks you’ll most likely still be making your way to a spot at the start of the fireworks & the spots that are available in the hub will have very obstructed views of the bursts and/or projections. You could stay out after F! & watch the show from the Rivers of America. They project the same projections on the water screens used for F! & you can get a relatively good view of the big bursts BUT for the full effect of fireworks, it’s better to watch from the hub or Main St.

Thanks to both of you we have hungry bear fantasmic dining packages booked to pick up at 7 giving us tickets to later show and a meal to sit and eat IN THE HUB for best seats. Thanks so much!