Fantasmic 4/14 Crowd Level 3 - What time to get in line?

Hi all, I have read many posts and see the standard suggestion of arriving 60-90 minutes ahead of time to secure a seat for fantasmic! However, we will be there on 4/14 when touring plans shows a crowd lever of 4 for DHS. There is only one showing that night at 8:30. Is it still necessary to show up that early? we will have 2 small kids with us and cant imagine waiting in one spot for that long with the little ones.

We don’t need the best seats in the house, we just want to be sure we get a seat. On a crowd level 3 day, do you think we could show up at 8pm and still be OK?

Thanks for any insight.

Curious to see answers to this too. We are going on a CL 3 day, as well. Not sure if you are spending the whole day at DHS, but I was thinking of trying to get a 4th FPP for Fantasmic after we use our 3 up by 1:00. Just an option.

No, we are not there all day. In fact, we are only there in the evening for a few hours. We did book evening fast passes for Toy Story and Star Tours so we could be sure to ride those with minimal waits. I didn’t want to give up a fast pass for Toy Story for Fantasmic! as my kids love those movies right now.

Definitely don’t use a FPP for Fantasmic. It doesn’t even guarantee you a seat, just entry. You could use the FPP to enter at 8:15 and still have to stand in the back, which means to make it worthwhile you almost need to enter even earlier than if you didn’t have one!

I went to see F! on May 5th last year (an actual CL 3 day) and it was absolute mayhem. I would still recommend arriving at least half an hour before showtime (45 min-1 hr is best), unless there is a second showing that day. If you can, see the second showing, it will be much less busy.

The fact there is only one show means it will be packed. You will need to be there an hour before at least. Crowd level isn’t relevant as it only accounts for ride wait times between 10-5 not no of people in park. plus 1 showing on a 4cl day is the same as having 2 showings on an 8 cl day with regards to numbers in the stadium.