Fantasmic 4/13-16

Hi all, I’ve been monitoring the Disneyland schedule for showings of Fantastic for several weeks now. There is no show scheduled 4/13-16 although there are shows scheduled for the same time period for weeks prior. Is this usual? It’s not mentioned to be being refurbed or anything else. This is our first (and probably only) trip to DL and would like to see it there. It is a don’t miss for our trips to WDW. And if they were to schedule it, is the FP dining options a good way to get the FP for better seating?

Hello! There are usually no fireworks or Fantasmic shows Monday-Thursday during the slower season at Disneyland (DL is surrounded by neighborhoods). I am there the following week and neither are showing Monday-Thursday. I am a bit surprised that there are fireworks scheduled though during your week, so maybe they will add Fantasmic. Is there any way you can add a Sunday or Friday night to your stay?

We’re there for Star Wars Celebration and Friday is the 501st Legions Bash and as for Saturday I am sure that there will be something at the Convention Center I’ll also want to see. It stinks to miss it but do you know if it is the same as WDW? The idea that a show that scale in the middle of the park is weird since they have that nice ampitheater at Hollywood Studios. Was even going to do the FP dinner reservation to get better seats. I did book Winecounty Tattroria (sp?) to get the FP’s for World of Color.

The show is similar to WDW, though I think it is better. Seating is better at WDW, as only seating for F! at DL is on the ground in certain sections. Otherwise it is standing only, same for WOC. DL doesn’t seem to believe in seats for their night shows for some reason. It is a very different setup than at WDW, that’s for sure. But it looks amazing out over the water and uses Tom Sawyer Island too. I wouldn’t stress too much about missing it though, there is so much else to do and see. WOC is a great substitute!

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As Wahookie said F! Doesn’t usually show during week of slow season because it’s CM intensive-- more so than WDW version because of Mark Twain boat going by with about 50 characters on it. They were showing it every night for the last several months because WOC was down for refurb, but it’s up now so they are back to their regular schedule. It is a LOT better than WDW version, but it won’t kill you Not to see it.