Fantasic Dinner Reservation: How to add to touring plan?

Hi. Let’s say I score a Fantasmic Dinner reservation. How do I add this to my touring plan? I know I can add a dinner reservation time for a restaurant. However, when I enter Fantasmic into my touring plan, it indicates that I must arrive 1 hour before the show, which would not be the case if I scored the dinner reservation. Is there a way to change the arrival time so that the touring plan will use the extra time saved to help me insert other attractions? I’m trying to make the most of my time :slight_smile:

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I jus added the ADR and Fantasmic to the plan.

It says to arrive an hour before. Technically 30 minutes will be OK but any later and you could end up having to sit elsewhere if the reserved seating is “full”. At least, your choice would be to trail up and down the steps looking for enough room for your party or cut your losses and find seats elsewhere - which by then could be quite a way round to the side.

I wouldn’t want the stress. So about an hour before we had a bathroom break and wandered over to the Fantasmic arena to get in line. It still felt we were way back, although it moved quite fast once they opened the gates.

some other ideas would be to put Fantasmic in as a “break” for the specific time, or, if you’re leaving after the show, have the plan end at the time you want to head over to Fantasmic

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