"Family versus The Beasts" Trip Report (08/02/20 - 08/15/20)

Most people tend to hover within plus or minus 5 MPH. (Moreso the plus side than the minus side.) Going 75 MPH or faster in a 70 MPH zone puts at risk of a ticket.

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It really depends on the state, and sometimes the county. Georgia is the worst. Very particular localities where you really don’t want to be 5 mph over the posted limit.

I’ve been on interstate 95 - main road thru Florida - where the speed limit is maybe 70, 75. Doing 84 will get you passed by most.

Alabama arena Mississippi are like that too.

Are you sure this was Atlanta?? :joy: Great to see the highway there so empty-only time I’ve ever seen it like that was driving through in the middle of the night. Looking forward to reading about your Universal experience!

In Arizona I have actually had cops tell me that driving 10 over the limit is ok. Pretty much everyone does so. I’d say 5 over for limits up to 35, then 10 over for 45-65, and you can get away with 15 over on the desert highways (unless you are approaching a speed trap town or on a reservation).


In NJ, people driving the speed limit are considered slow and get passed… And often given the 1 finger salute. :rofl:
On a 65 MPH road, most folks drive 80-85.


Chapter Six -

In which a family draws close, then walks the City

The husband decided it was time to make this a more traditional trip report and will drop the storytelling method for now.

We got up early and had to head out by 7:30 so we could make it to the airport about when DS and DIL were arriving. Had breakfast at McDonald’s again, and then made good time in great weather. Their plane landed a little before 12:00, and we picked them up around 12:40. At this point we squeezed into the van with their luggage.

Found a McDonald’s for lunch before getting to Endless summer resort at just before 2:00. Despite the 3:00 check-in, our rooms were ready and I was able to check in.

Our room overlooked the pool. After unloading our luggage, we decided to head over to CityWalk in order to get ahead of some rain coming in. It was a short bus ride over.

After stopping into the Universal store at Citywalk we headed back to the hotel. Now, we are resting a bit as the rain pours outside. We will eat dinner downstairs in the hotel quick service and then hopefully get to the pool later.


you made it! hooray!


I like the look of that hotel room! Is it a family suite style room? Looks comparable to Art of Animation?

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Yeah. Family suite. There is a separate small bedroom as well I didn’t photograph with another queen bed. Overall the theming is cute, although it definitely feels “value”. Still, for the price, I am quite happy. I can’t compare it to Art of Animation since I have never been.


You’re there, you’re there! Nice pictures’. Looking forward to hearing your trip report.

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So glad you made it there!


Dinner. Food was okay. Pizza looked good.

The potato chips were disgusting…but the fries were delicious.


I like how the bird is posing into the camera along with husband and wife on the bus. :laughing:


Glad you made it safely. I hope you have a great trip!

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I had to go back and see what you were talking about. I didn’t notice when I initially looked. Thank you for directing me back! That is hysterical.


Glad you made it! Have fun!

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You actually brought tears to my eyes - one big homeschool family to another. It takes a lot of effort to make these trips happen. I’m so happy your family has finally gotten there.


Yay!!! You Made it! Great too see you all

Ha! It wasn’t intentional, but hilarious now that point it out!

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glad you made it down (and timed the airport pickup perfectly). enjoy the days ahead! thanks for sharing with us.