Family traveling with friend's son

Hello All! I am planning my daughter’s Sweet 16 trip. I am so happy that a friend’s son is coming with us. I love him like a son. BUT! I do want a bit of privacy. I have been researching rooms at all of the resorts. At a value getting 2 rooms, but my DD wants GF CL 2 BR…I have not won the lottery, yet. AOA and ASmuR suites. Deluxe rooms at Deluxe resorts. Anyone have any suggestions. The trip has a budget, so if DD wants 3 days at GF CL deluxe or 9 days at Value, it is up to her. I have read that rooms at CR in the garden wing are very very far from things and a pain to get to. I would love to stay at a monorail resort or BC or BW for epcot. We have stayed at POP, CBR, POR and GF so I am using this knowledge to make the best choice. 2017 pricing opens next week, so I am panicking a bit. I have researched renting DVC points. It is one of those…I want it to be perfect! But, I have a budget and have no control if the DVC we want is available. Tips please :slight_smile:

Have you looked into Magical Vacations Travel? They have block rooms that are usually on the Deluxe side. I had them do a quote for me for August 2016, and the price was comparable to a value for the same time period. There are some restrictions in dates, and their 2017 offers don’t come out until fall. That shouldn’t be a huge deal unless you’re looking early 2017, as there would still be plenty of availability for rooms through Disney.

Just my two cents.

Thank You! I did not know that Magical Vacation Travel offered deals on Deluxe resorts. :slight_smile: We are not traveling until after Aug. 2017, so plenty of time. Thank You Again.

Do you know if I book through them can I still make my own changes to the trip or do I need to use them to do all changes? I tend to book, then add days or change weeks.

You can make all dining and ADRs but if you need to make any changes to your resort reservation it goes through your agent.

I booked my upcoming Labor Day deal at the end of September 2015 and my April trip at the end of October. Their Labor Day special is usually around 45% off. In April I stayed at Poly CL for 5 nights and it was about 37% discount.

I’m not sure what all the abbreviations mean in your original message (I’m new here) so pardon my suggestion if it doesn’t fit in with what you are looking for, but have you looked at the Cabins at Ft Wilderness? I don’t know if that’s something you’d be interested in or not based on the location/amenities, but they do have both busing and boat to the parks. And that would give you a bit more privacy since the cabin has 2 rooms.

Good luck with your trip, I think it’s really sweet that you are taking your friend’s son!

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Cabins are a good option. They do have a separate bedroom that can sleep 4 and then living area can sleep 2. It is a shared single bath but a full kitchen!

I will look into the cabins. I never thought to look at them.
WOW! @PrincipalTinker great deal and thank you for giving me the booking time frame.
@slamb13: Pop Century; Caribbean Beach Resort; Port Orleans Riverside and Grand Floridian. CL= Club Level and DVC is Disney Vacation Club. Thank You for wishing us a good luck with our trip. My DD and my friend’s DS are only children, they are like brother and sister.

I’m a huge fan of renting points - ever thought of that? I have stayed at BLT the last two trips and I know they have lock-off rooms which combine a one bedroom with a studio with the ability to “lock off” half of the area for privacy.

@egkleinmann: Did you find that getting to and from the main areas and monorail was a very long walk? I am looking into David’s vacation club rentals.

No, not at all. It took 10 minutes to walk to MK. Maybe 1-5 minutes to walk to the monorail stop inside the contemporary (more or less depending on which side of BLT you stay).
We’ve gone through DVC Rental Store twice and I can’t say enough good things about them.

Thank You @egkleinmann. I read some reviews that were negative, but everyone has a different view point on what is a long walk. 10 minutes to MK sounds like a pleasant walk. Thank You Again :slight_smile:

Sure thing. We stayed in a room close to the elevators and bridge during our first trip. On our second trip, we were in a room on the opposite side of BLT so that was about a 5 minute trip from room to Contemporary. I preferred our first room but by no means would I consider it a long walk.
The pros definitely outweigh the cons. One of my fave parts of BLT is that it seemed very quiet and private. It isn’t a resort that guests come from other areas to visit (like the CR or Poly, for example) so it was always a nice reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world.


One thing I like about BLT is the fact that there really aren’t any rooms (that I’ve seen or heard of) that have a cruddy view of nothing but and A/C unit or parked cars. Unless you really can’t stand the walk then you can just let them choose you a room, without fussing over requests.

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Thank You @Nikkipoooo. Just being at Disney is special. Just staying at a deluxe is special. Having a great view is pixie dust. We are not picky. I wish that we would just blink our eyes and be transported to one of the parks, but I will just need to get my steps in on my Fitbit :wink:

Anyone have any thought on GF or BW, BC? I do love a good monorail resort, but walking into Epcot from my resort sounds fabulous!

I love love LOVE BW. I like walking to Epcot (as an added bonus, you can catch HS fireworks on the walk back after Illuminations), and the pool area is great. They are also located equidistant (more or less) to AK and MK, so you don’t have the crazy long bus ride to either like you have if you stay at either! I especially like that the Villas at BW are actually part of the main resort, so you’re close enough to all amenities.

They have entertainment on the Boardwalk in the evenings, there are LOTS of food options, and you’re also conveniently located to Cape May Cafe at Beach Club, which is a nice character breakfast and one of my favorite dinner buffets. The hallways can be a little long if you’re on the end (which is where we like to stay), but not BLT or Kidani-long. BW Villas are actually one of the lower-point DVC resorts, as well.

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Also, on my last trip (stayed at GF, 4 nights) I averaged 23,000 steps/day on my Fitbit without even going out of my way to get more.

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@Nikkipoooo Thank You Again! I think just like most people, I want this trip to be special. I’ve thought about BW but never really considered it until now. I appreciate tremendously your help!!! Liners are great!

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Glad to help… I never even really considered BW for the longest time either, even though I have a friend who’s been raving about it for years. 2 days into the first stay I knew what she was talking about!

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