Family suite Swan/Dolphin - how to book?

I saw a few posts where people were able to book a suite at swan or dolphin. I would like to look into this option and compare costs vs booking two connecting rooms for my next family trip (2 adults 4 kids) but I don’t see any option for family suites on swan/dolphin web page. Where do you find it? I’m looking a year out but weighing several options for split stays, two rooms vs family suites. Thanks!

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Have you searched the Marriot site? I think 6 is going to be over the occupancy limit. Most suites are a king bed and a sofa bed. Try searching for 4 or 5.

hmm, thanks. Yes - did get the “over-occupancy” message when I searched but wondered whether the suites were not bookable online and I needed to call. Even when I put in 3 or 4 (5 gives the over-occupancy notification too), I don’t see suites as an option. If I am still over capacity even for the suites, I’ll price out two rooms with points and PE deals or through Costco. Costco’s rate seems to be around $240 per night per room including resort fee. Thanks!

I think the family suites are bookable online, just not the larger suites. At the swan they are the alcove rooms and i think they are called deluxe studios or something like that at the dolphin.

I have one booked at the Dolphin. I could not find it by using the website, but got the help that I needed when I called the hotel. They referred to it as an alcove room with a connecting standard room.

And, our group is 5 adults and 2 children. Be sure to call the hotel not Marriott. When I called Marriott with a question, they told me we were over the number allowed. The hotel said that it was fine. The alcove room has a king bed and a queen size sofa bed. The alcove room is about 500 square feet. The connecting room has 2 queen beds, plus there is space for a crib.


Thanks for that info illini!

I had booked an Alcove room with two adjoining rooms for our 3 families last year for an upcoming visit. This will be parents and grandparents for grandson’s 1st visit, 1st birthday, and 1st haircut at Magic Kingdom Barber Shop.

Called today to check that all was OK, and asked about rates; turns out rate reduced significantly, and is reflected on the Marriott website.

Yes, you need to call the hotel directly (reservations for Dolphin and/or Swan) - 407.934.4000

I certainly was happy to save $$$.

PS There are discounts for Marriott members, AAA, and Seniors.