Family Staying at Hard Rock Hotel - Extra Express Passes?


This Christmas, my wife and I are traveling down to Orlando. We are staying at a Disney resort, but my mom who lives in Florida wanted to meet us and see the Harry Potter lands in Universal.

We booked them a room at the Hard Rock Hotel, and put four people on the reservation (my mom, her husband, my wife, and me) for one night. We won’t be staying there however; we will come over in the morning.

When my mom checks in, will she be able to get all four room keys and park passes or will my wife and I need to pick them up in the morning (which happens to be check-out day)?

Does anyone know if this will be a problem, or what procedure to follow?

Many thanks!

It’ll be fine.

When you stay at one of the “official” USF hotels you get a packet at check-in with all your tickets & materials for your group. Your entire group doesn’t need to be present.

On the first day each person visits the parks their ticket is scanned. Next, their fingerprint is scanned in. Your fingerprint is now associated with that ticket and cannot be used by anyone else.

BTW - “Grinchmas” is a great time to see USF! They really have fun with that theme!