Family Cabana vs EE at VB

We’ve rented a family cabana at Volcano Bay for a family of 12. Am concerned about the conflict to check in to cabana and take full use of early entry.

Are the signs with the family name done before park opening? Since there are only 2 family cabanas pretty close together could we run to the cabanas, get rid of our stuff and go take full advantage of EE. Then later check in with a concierge?

And can we take Uber directly to the entrance of VB instead of driving to the Central parking lot and taking the bus?

Or can we take Uber to Cabana Bay and enter through the Cabana Bay entrance?

I know so many questions. Makes my head hurt.


Technically it’s supposed to be an entrance for resort guests (any resort, not just CB), but I’ve never had to show a room key.

@Jeff_AZ has recent experience with a cabana rental. Maybe he can suggest what order to do things…


Not really sure. It’s just dry erase marker…

Why do all 12 of you need to do check in?? (Not being mean, but a question to ask to eliminate possibilities.)

Why can’t the person who made the reservation & has the credit card go deal with this while everyone else goes off to play? I would “presume” you might need an extra hand or two if all 12 people bring a ton of “stuff”. You really don’t need much except for sunblock & towels.

The majority of your party can go do Krakatau once or twice and you can meet them at the ride entrance /exit.

I don’t believe they’ll allow you to dump your stuff prior to check-in. While the cabanas have attendants they aren’t your personal assistants. They may not be there when you arrive at EPA. If a TM sees a bunch of stuff lying there unattended, they could possibly remove it not knowing it belongs to a family who hasn’t checked in yet.

No. It’s just not possible. It’s a gated security entrance

Yes. It’s not “technically” allowed as it’s an entrance for on-site guests. If you don’t say anything or make a production out of it they won’t ask. However, if you or your children start talking loudly about using the entrance “illegally” or asking the security if it’s “OK” then they’ll tell you to leave.

I’ve seen it happen one time. However, it was because they literally asked the security guard if it was “ok”. He explained they had to turn around and go to CityWalk.

The story does have a happy ending as they didn’t get mad and explained calmly how “difficult” it was to even get to VB. The security lead allowed them to enter, but told them “please use the proper entrance next time”.

I’d go to CBBR to enter no matter what - just act like you belong there!

These were easy!!! Keep asking!!


I think @darkmite2 is your best source for wisdom on this. I second his recommendation to have one person check you in while the rest go have fun. Have the check in person give their Tapu Tapu to someone else so they can scan into Krakatau to get an early return time.

The time I was there, Krakatau didn’t open until EE was almost over, so the person checking into the cabana may join your group before you even board.


I’m blushing! :blush:

Glad you got home safely from your USH / Concert!!


Thank you, just looking for tips that others may have tried.

I want to experience the water coaster with the grands first time is why I was trying to get rid of stuff at the cabana first. If the cabana had the family name already written on the chalk board and we left a note for the host I thought it was an easy Peasy. I’ve seen the lines at the check in booths and it seems like such a waste.

When someone calls to confirm our rental the 48 hours prior to arrival I’ll make the suggestion for online check ins. Lol

Thanks for the info, much appreciated.


Please do! I can tell you from first hand experience they listen & make suggested guests changes!

I figured that was the reason. It may seem “harsh”, but I promise the second ride will still be as fun for them & you!! FOMO is a real thing, but sometimes gets in the way of doing what you should “probably” be doing instead! :rofl:

Ask all your VB questions! It’s my favorite of the three parks! (I know that sounds crazy!)
However, it is hard to navigate the area and has a few “odd” quirks about how the park operates!


Given your fact pattern, I would just stash your stuff any old chair near Krakatau, ride, then grab your stuff and head to your Cabana.


Brilliant! That should work easily! You may have a little wait at the Concerige desk at park opening, but this is definitely a good option!


It has been years since I did the cabana but I don’t know if skipping the introductiion, how the locker works, towel, waters, snacks and the cabana Tapu Tapu - if you actually need to run to something instead? I guess to me, the cabana was part of the experience. We did not miss anything by going to the cabana and honestly it was a mess to get there since the TMs lost the “list”.

If I remember correctly, the names were on the cabana when we arrived. I say that because the cabana next to us was empty (but rented) most of the day.


I really wanted to say it was ready at EPA, but I couldn’t provide actual evidence. Typically, when I’m done with Krakatau I cut through the Volcano to the big trap door body slides during EPA. There are cabanas there and along that route. I have a “faint” memory of seeing names on those dry erase boards during that time.

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I believe this photo was taken as I walked up to the cabana


Opps! It’s chalk! Not dry erase! :crazy_face:

I still knew it was a temporary reusable sign! (I’m not totally senile yet!)


Do the slides during early entry then check in.


I think the reason people like to get the cabana during EE is so that they can get a cabana in their preferred area. But, since there are only two family cabanas, if you didn’t care which you got, I’d enjoy EE first. Just dump your stuff in an undesirable chair until then.

To me, “enjoy EE” means ride that Kraka-whatever over and over again until the wait time gets long.