Family arriving on different days-Fast pass selection

My family is going to Disney World in May of this year and we are all staying on property at Boardwalk hotel but we are all arriving on different days. We are all linked together in the my Disney website but was not sure if we could make fast pass selections together or if we have to each make them separate since we are arriving on different days. We are selecting fast passes here in less than 30 day so hoping to get some clarification.

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Someone who has done it will hopefully chime in and confirm this for sure, but I am in the same situation and was told a few months ago that as long as we were all linked we could make the fast pass selections all together. Hoping that still holds true.


Whoever arrives first can book for everyone at their 60 day mark. But you all need to have the same FPs - or to be exact, one person from the party who are at 60 days must be included with anyone who isn’t at 60 days. Does that make sense? It’s hard to explain. But if you’re all doing the same FPs it’s easy.


so just to clarify my sister’s family is the first to arrive and they are leaving the following Friday were my family is staying until following Saturday. She would not be able to make reservations for our family that Friday and we would have to make them for just that day. Is that correct?

Yes that’s right.