Families picked for parades/opening

Do cast members at WDW ever pick families with a child in a stroller to be in the parade or to be the family of the day at park opening? If so, what would they do with the stroller?

My youngest will be 4, and doesn’t use a stroller, of course, but we were going to bring one just in case because WDW is a lot more walking than we usually do. He actually told us that he would rather not use a stroller, and definitely not if it hurt his “chances” of being picked. (Not that we expect to be picked anyway, but the first time we went with our oldest, who was 3 at the time (without a stroller), we walked into MK for the first time ever and we got pulled into walking in the back of the parade while he rode his dad’s shoulders.) Our youngest wants the chance to experience that magic.

Of course they do but you can’t wrangle this type of magic. What doesn’t work is shy or whining kids, parents fussing at whining kids and people of any age buried in electronics.

And anyone can join behind the parade…

Good to know!

Based on what I’ve been told, if you ask for it you won’t get picked. I know you didn’t say that but just to share that information.

It would be rough to set the expectation with our (or your) kids that they might ever get picked for that. The odds are very very low.

I wasn’t looking to ask for it, I was just wondering if just having a stroller takes away any chance of being picked at all.

There are no publicly available criteria published so it’s tough to say. That said, it would be cool to have a family with a baby up there on the platform . You could hold the baby up like Simba for the crowd to see!

That would be cool. Unfortunately, my “baby” will have just turned 4, so he’s more of a “Just Can’t Wait to Be King” Simba than a “Circle of Life” Simba. :smile: