Fall Trip - Cancellation Help

I currently have a reservation at the GF in September. I have booked it using 2019 points. Our Use Year is October-October. I have to bank any unused points for 2019 by the end of May. I am hoping we will be able to take our trip in September but as Disney has yet to release official procedures and policies for the Resort’s reopening we haven’t been able to determine if we will still want to go (for example, if masks are required, we likely won’t go). I was trying to figure out on the DVC site what they are currently doing with points from cancelled trips going into the holding account. If we cancel the September trip, we won’t be able to use the points prior to their expiration in October. I would rather wait and cancel, if necessary, much closer to our actual trip date but if doing so would result in a loss of those points I may have to make a decision sooner than I’d prefer.

They haven’t changed banking rules. You would still need to cancel by the end of May to be able to bank those points.

I very much doubt the resorts will still be closed by then. The only points that were extended were those that expired during the closure period.


Weeeeel, crap. Hopefully Disney releases some detail on reopening procedures soon.