Fall Room Only Discount Question

Hi! So with the new fall discount, it only goes to Oct 7. Do any of you have a guess as to if/when that window may be extended? I am looking to book a room only on Oct 27 preceding our DVC stay and am wanting to wait until the discount is available before booking. I am not sure where we will book, it depends on the discount. If we can get a room at the same resort we may do that depending on cost but we also may just take the opportunity to try a different resort. If anyone has a good idea about if/when the fall room only promo may be extended to cover all of October, that would be so helpful! Thank you!

My gut feeling is it won’t be. October is a popular time, so they don’t need to tempt people to book.

My advise is to check with Magical Vacations Travel for a quote before you do anything else. They may have a major discount during the period your looking for especially if it is room only

Thank you!