Fall Discounts

Looking to book at a resort in late November. I know Disney is offering a promotion for stays in the spring right now. Anyone have any experience with a late fall/early winter stay and a discount? I know that if a discount were to come out I can call in and have them adjust my rate I am just curious if this will even be a possibility for when we plan to stay. Thanks~!!!

Mousesavers has some great info on past discounts, going back to 2012! There are definitely some patterns, but of course nothing is guaranteed year-to-year.

you can always make a reservation now and as promotions become available you can apply them to your current resort if they are included.

If you make reservations now ,don’t pay in full just make the minimum payment 200.00. Otherwise disney will charge you 50.00 to make any changes. Example (you make res.at p.o.r.s.and free dining is offered at Coronado springs. )you will need to change resorts to get f.d.