Fall Discounts/Specials?

I started planning our Disney vacation a year ago, before SWGE opening was announced (I know,I know. Everyone is saying the same thing).

Since my husband and I are paying for 10 people to come from Canada, we chose the fall of 2019 both for the low crowds and for the deals Disney usually offers in the fall.

I have been watching everyday for a fall deal (yes, I missed the deal that was released in February) and I have yet to see anything.

Opinions please: Do you think there will be a fall special this year given the excitement and supposed big crowds that SWGE will create?

I have been hoping the same thing. I already booked a hotel hoping I could update with a deal.

What dates have you booked? It’s been quite a few years since any really great discounts have been offered in the fall. It’s replaced summer as the peak time to go.

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If I recall from previous years, you’ll know by July 1. In the last few years, the fall discounts were released April - June timeframe.

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Thanks. We almost went last year but work commitments forced us to cancel our reservation. I think I recall the fall deals came out in May and that’s when we booked.

We are still on the fence between the last week of September or the last week of October. When we booked last year, we got the free dinning which I think works great for a big group where we are footing the bill. I think that ship has already sailed for this year. sadly. Still, a hotel discount would be nice too.

Magical Vacations Travel has great discounts for September and October. We use Candice but I saw on the Magical Vacations Travel by Holly Facebook page that there are still a bunch of availability at a bunch of the resorts for September and October.


Doubting that Disney will have need to promote sales with any sort of discount offer. I think you’re probably out of luck.

Oh yes, I totally forgot about the those discounts. OP you should check with Magical Vacations or Pirate Hooks and Pixie Dust, they may have something to save you a little dough. I’ve gotten great deals from them in the past.

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Out of curiosity, who are the ten you are treating? That is incredibly generous. I’m rooting for you to get an awesome deal!!!

Awe thank you! We are a blended family so between my husband and I there are 6 kids from 8-25. We are also taking my daughter’s fiancé and his 10 year old daughter.