Fall discounts 2020

Are there typically fall discounts for October? Anyone know what they are? I was searching online and counldn’t find it.

If we do postpone, I’m thinking mine as well go for my birthday in October right??

You can check here for historical dates when various discounts were released:

Short of it is, though…probably won’t release discounts for October until July.

thats what i was looking for. OUCH. Well, I guess we would have to book, then hopefully apply something later. More time to squirrel away more funds.

We went last October. I obsessively watched for discounts having booked at around 470 days. Discounts were announced in July, second week or so. Our travel dates fell in between the dates for free dining, no free dining for us. Our room rate at 470 days was better than the discounted rate. We had booked a room / ticket package before a tcket price increase, so no discount paid off for us.
I agree, book what you want now and just watch for discounts.

Thank you for your input, looks like fall discounts won’t be as great as my spring rate.