Fake Cop Tries to Enter Epcot

When I’m bored, I sometimes pull up the Orange County Sheriff’s Office feed of active calls, just to see what sort of crimes are going on at Disney. Usually it is boring stuff, but sometimes you gotta give mad props to the Disney security staff for having to deal with these kind of nut balls.

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Like the mug shot.

Thanks @mascardofamily - now when I am bored I can just surf your posts. I love the choice of being a Canadian police officer and when that didn’t work, she offers to perform a sex act.

Tickets are WAY cheaper over at Universal. Maybe that would have been a better solution than storming the gates of Epcot? I didn’t think F&W was nearly as good this year - no cranberry bog. Hardly worth scuffling with Disney security :smile:

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Well, you know, it is Epcot so maybe she thought the international thing would get her bonus points?

Hmmm…that’s interesting. What sector is WDW?

Next time something comes up on the feed, I’ll look. Mostly I just look at the street names. It looks like Hotel Plaza Boulevard is sector 6, though, because there’s a house/business/area check call active right now.

I found it, it’s 6. Info

Awesome! Now I totally want to go through a day and announce to the world “Absolutely nothing happened in sector 6”. (Insert totally geek-cred-establshing Babylon 5 reference.)


Now, I don’t know going rates for different “acts” but surely the price of a one day ticket is cheaper?

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So @mascardofamily, this makes you Ivonova. I totally got the B5 shout out!

@mascardofamily, love the B5 reference! You’ve got geek cred!

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I watched it all afternoon. It looks like what ever D/S patrols that area just updates his/her whereabouts on the call screen. It makes me wonder how many car break ins they have around there.

Admit it @mascardofamily, you’re just hanging around to see if a liner ever shows up on there!

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Good work by the news anchor to keep a straight face while reading this story.

It’s Florida. Sadly, this isn’t the strangest news story that has happened this week….