Fairytale Hall Rapunzel

Anyone know if the meet & greet in Fairytale Hall is the only place to meet Rapunzel (besides Bon Voyage breakfast at Trattoria)? One of our fave princesses…any suggestions on whether I should grab that as a FP, or if the wait time will be reasonable at times throughout the day or at MVMCP…


Can change date in lower left hand corner. Can also put her into your TP and see what FP the algorithm suggests. Those are the only 2 places she meets. At MVMCP, princesses have met with their princes in the past, making them incredibly popular. So unless Flynn is a must, meet her during the day.

We were able to get a day of FP for Rapunzel.

Even if you can’t get an FP+, that standby line moves much more quickly than Cinderella and Elena. Or at least it did on Wednesday.