Fairfield Inn mini fridges

Does anyone who’s stayed at the Fairfield Inn in the past year or so remember if their mini fridges have a small freezer area? TIA

I cannot speak to that particular hotel, but in general I would have to say no. I haven’t stayed in a hotel ever that had that (that I can recall), unless it was a suite that had a kitchenette. Most rooms just have the old minibar fridges, no freezer section. But you can always call the hotel and check.

Of the hotels we have stayed in along Harbor all of them have had the freezer area (tiny, albeit useful enough for an ice pack or two to keep a cooler bag cool in the parks all day). While we haven’t stayed at Fairfield specifically, we have stayed at a lot of ones near it, Camelot, Tropicana. But yes, I would also recommend calling the front desk to check.

I’m the OP & I’m going to answer my own question, lol. I messaged the Fairfield Inn & their fridges do have a small shelf area in a freezer area. This was what I was hoping as I need to freeze a gel ice pack. Just thought I’d let everybody know.