Face Painting

Hi, I was watching one of the Disney Vloggers last night and I noticed some little ones with their faces painted in Hollywood Studios. I never noticed this before ( I go every few years), it just wasn’t on my radar at the time. Is this actually available at the parks?

There has been face painting in various locations over the years. For instance, one year my kids had their faces painted at Animal Kingdom Lodge. And my son was all made up at the Pirate Tutorial, and my daughter at BBB.

I honestly would be surprised, in this Covid age, if that were a thing as it requires people to be so up close and in each others’ faces and the person being made up cannot have on a mask, obviously.

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Thank you. Now that I think of it, it was only the area around the eyes.

We have used the face painter a few times in AK next to Triceratops Spin. But they nixed it during COVID. So, not sure if they have plans to start it back yet or not.

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There was definitely face painting happening last week, I saw the stands in use and kids walking around with their faces painted. I just can’t remember if it was at MK or Epcot!

ETA: We must’ve seen it in Epcot. Looks like it reopened in October: https://wdwnt.com/2021/10/photo-report-epcot-10-8-21-face-painting-returns-with-dividers-in-place-50th-banners-make-a-grand-entrance-its-a-small-world-50th-merchandise-travels-into-art-of-disney-and-more/


ooohhh!! i hope that means they’ll bring back henna tattoos soon too!

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Face painting is often and AK day treat for our family. Get it done early. They will do touch ups for you as the day goes on if need be.

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That is so sweet. Thank you!