F&W: Where to sit?

So, during F&W are there tables placed around WS to sit and eat? Or do you just kind of walk and eat and plop down on an empty bench if you can find one?
Going to be at EP for DSis Bday and we have a ressie for San Angel Inn, but know the food would be so much better @ F&W, BUT really want a place we can sit and chill, too.

There are tables, but little or no chairs. So you don’t sit, you just kinda hover if you can find a table, or like you said, find a bench or a curb. The last couple years, they’ve sold these plastic trays that have a notch cut out to hold your beverage, and they help quite a bit with the eating-and-drinking-while-walking bit…


Also keep in mind that the food is “tasting size”, so it’s more like wandering a cocktail party noshing on hors d’oeuvres than having a seat somewhere to finish a plate of something. With very few exceptions, the food is something that you can easily eat while walking.

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You’ll see that some people utilize the tops of trash cans due to a lack of tables.

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@cartooned I’ve used many a trash can for a table while at F&W! Nowhere else would you even consider doing that - only at Disney!!

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And if you see a table that is only partially occudied, step up and introduce yourself, they’ll be glad to have you join them.

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AlwYs at the trash cans. Gotta cut that ravioli up.

Exactly!!! I have met some wonderful people that way!!! I love F&W!! I decided to go to F&G this year and not F&W - I’m excited for something new but sad I can’t do both :frowning:

I’m thinking there might be even less of the standing tables this year, with the exclusive VIP sitting areas from the package they’re selling.

I was thinking the same thing.

I always use trash cans too, but a few have high top tables with no chairs near by. Also if you are near a CS restaurant grab a table.

Did I read something in the Disney Food Blog last year about new trays? ( or did I just imagine that?)

Yup. Those are the trays I referred to in my post. The one for 2014 is in the center of this image: http://parksandresorts.wdpromedia.com/media/disneyparks/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/FWM8066842-613x613.jpg

Is the hole for my thumb or my wine! I always get so torn with those trays…

I think you’ll love F&G! I’ve been twice, one time since they introduced the food booths, and it’s such fun. Seeing Epcot in full bloom is a real treat, and you’re not giving up the chance to have all sorts of delicious little noshes.

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I can’t wait - only 252 days before we go to the F&G festival!! ha!

408 until my first F&W trip! You’ll have to tell me what you make of F&G as a F&W lover.

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When you say:

I guess I was picturing those Dunkin Donuts trays that hold your coffee cups. This is different?

yes. Look at the image I posted elsewhere. It’s a tray for your food, that has one notch for one cup. Basically, it’s so that you don’t have to hold your food with one hand, your drink with your other hand, and your utensil with your third hand. This way, you hold the tray containing both your food and drink with one hand, and your utensil with the other.

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I like those. That may be a practical souvenir for this year.