F&W Tasting Sampler Package

Does anyone have an opinion on whether or not it is wise to get the Food & Wine Sampler Package?

Do all the credits on the package have to be used on one day or can they be carried over?

Following. First time F&W coming up for me. So I am trying to figure the best ways to do it.

The general consensus is that money wise it only really works out in your favor if you use the entitlements on the most expensive alcoholic options that are not excluded. Last year it was little tabs you tore off and turned in to use so you could use them on any day after you purchased it.

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You get a lanyard and pin though too, right? The way I was figuring, The package for 8 items may be worth it, but by subtracting the cost of the pin and lanyard, it was actually a better value to get two 8 credit vouchers instead of a 16 credit voucher.

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According to AllEars.net we should get a limited release 21st Epcot International Food and Wine Festival pin and lanyard.

So it is $59 plus tax. I’m not positive on the tax rate, but at 6.5% that puts the total cost at $62.84. Divided by the 8 entitlements, the credit break even is $7.85. I believe the prices quoted on the offerings are post-tax and I only see 3 food options that are over $7.00 and none are over $7.85. So you would need to make it all up on the expensive drinks. It does not specify the exclusions, but I would imagine the $12 champagne is probably excluded.

So I would say that unless you factor in the cost of the lanyard and pin, that it isn’t worth the money from a “saving money on food” perspective.


I would certainly only be using it for drinks. We will have the dining plan and the plan is to use up our snack credits at the F&W booths. I was doing some quick math figuring $20 (not sure on the accuracy of that estimate) for the pin and lanyard which would drop the actual cost of the vouchers to $40 for 8, or $90 for 16. Gotta love the Disney math on that one. Paying more for the more credits. Anyhow, at $5 per drink it would probably work itself out, and I get a lanyard and pin. Yippee!

Thanks, @melcort10, for the breakdown and for posting about the actual prices.

Good to know, I have the dining plan too and planned two epcot afternoons to graze through snack credits. Thanks for the info in this thread all!