F&W Premium Package?

Has anyone every done the Premium Package at F&W? $200 seems like a lot, but I really like the idea of a place to sit down and cast members bringing you the food- I’m guessing they don’t stand in the same line as everyone else so its probably quicker then getting the food yourself. Are the premium areas nice? Shaded? Is there enough seating or do people claim spots and then camp out- or whatever the towel on the pool lounge chair equivalent for hours would be?

Have not yet had the pleasure, but I was actually pleasantly surprised to see how much is included for the price, including the dessert party and four days worth of this service. If I ever get to do a F&W adult-only trip again, I will seriously consider this. Otoh, I really did love strolling the park and stopping at each booth myself. We had a good cast member interaction everywhere and visiting the booths felt like part of the experience.