F&W Friday Night Crowds

I’ve read on here how weekndds and esp nights get very crowded and rowdy during F&W. We have reservations for Biergarten on a Friday night (will be at another park til then) do you think it will be so crowded and there will be so much noise/rowdiness that we should consider having dinner soemwhwere else? We will have 2 toddlers w/us.

What time is your reservation? It does get crowded and some attendees get more “outgoing” the later it gets. If your dinner is before 7ish, I would keep it and then when you get done, gauge the crowd level/attitude and decide if you want to stick around in the park or head out for the evening.


Thanks, our reservation is actually for 8 so I think we might cancel it and go eat at DD or at our resort.

I wouldn’t cancel. Granted, I’ve never been to F&W on a Friday night so IDK firsthand, but it IS still Disney, not Carnivale. When you get out the park will likely be near close anyway; sneak out during Illuminations. Of course there is beer & rowdiness at Biergarten too. :smile: Good luck whatever you decide!