F&W 2014 Menus--What Do You Like?

My Returning Favorites That I Can’t Find Outside Epcot:
– Australia’s Lamb. I’ve tried for 2 years to duplicate this pesto sauce, unsuccessfully, and I’d never have thought to put potato chips on a chop. Genius, when not served overdone.
–Africa’s Berbere Beef. Finally, they let something come out authentically spicy, not toned down (looking at you, Mexico) for tourists.
–Greece’s Griddled Cheese: Do yourself a favor and get a nice warm gooey tray of this cheese w crumbled pistachios.
–Brazil’s Pork Belly. Perfectly crisp outside, soft inside, just how Piglet would’ve wanted. Accompanied by a salsa that’s even better.
–Ireland’s Bunratty Meade. The King of Meade. Watered down, wine-like, this is not.
–Italy’s Ravioli, Dios Mio. I don’t often eat pasta, but this baked wonder is a delight. Share or be stuffed all day.

There are other returning favorites, but I can get them in a local restaurant or grocery at same or better quality:
–Singapore Chicken Curry, gyoza, bao (steam bun),black pepper shrimp, Irish Cheeses (I have a few on hand in my 'fridge), steak, cheese soup, Belgian beer.

Anything else I didn’t mention, falls somewhere in between–liked, but don’t need to have each year.

Items I Want to Try (either new or missed in past years):
–Belguim’s Waffles…one of them… to see what the hype is about. I mean, it’s a just waffle, right?
–Belgium’s Iced Coffee w chocolate liquor…yum. My two favorite things.
–China’s bubble tea…always tasty.
–France’s ribs and gratin. I tend to skip over France, maybe I’m just too full by that corner. This year I’ll try some of their rich fare.
–Japan’s Chira-something salad and sake gel
–Puerto Rico (Me Encanta) Friturias, the island’s popular street/kiosk food, a must do. Also the carne and mango rum shouldn’t disappoint.
–Dessert Trio, don’t much care what it is. I’ll take it. With a glass of Dom.
–Scotland’s Crannachan, which means “some dessert that sounds good”.
There are other new items I’ll probably try but these stand out the most.

Random Thoughts:
–Dear Germany, you have other wines to offer besides Riesling. Gewurztraminer is feeling neglected despite its floral bouquet. Thank You, PianoMinnie.
–Really Disney? Can’t afford to sell whole (small) lobster tails anymore? Replacing the lobster roll w lobster alfredo (read: small amount of lobster bits drowned in sauce & pasta) seems incredibly cheap of you.
– Seems like I could just grab a few items at Morocco booth and skip Spice Road, for a fraction of the cost.
–Refreshment Outpost: The go-to for those of you with picky eaters.
–I am skipping Terra. As a recovering vegetarian, I know that veg-foods are incredibly tasty. However, I’m not spending time or money on things I can make at home. I do appreciate they have the booth, and hope that some uber carnivores will give it a chance.
–I am skipping Mexico de Mi Corazon. I can make better, more flavorful en casa. Also, the mini-pianos want to try “eating inside the pyramid”.
–I don’t do kim-chi.
–Please bring back the paneer pocket.
My spreadsheet is done, now there’s just a few questions: Do I buy a portable tray? Is this the year I’ll need stretchy-pants? Would my kids appreciate the VIP package or stare at the kids playing Agent P with envy? (Yes, they would, so I’m passing on the package, boo.)

What are your plans & thoughts?

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The Belgian Waffles aren’t that exciting. They are your typical American breakfast buffet Waffles. If they were Liege Waffles, I’d be impressed.


Thank you, @keithloveswaffles, I will take the advice of our resident waffle expert to heart and save some $! :smile:

I haven’t been to F & W before but last summer ( after years of watching Top Chef ) I tried pork bellies yum yum yum. I was so happy to see it is being offered in Brazil


Oh wow! I just printed your whole list. THANK YOU for posting this! Seriously. I’m so excited I’m Internet SHOUTING. I don’t have anything to suggest because I’ve never been to F&W, but I’m REALLY looking forward to my visit. 77 DAYS!

(Ok. I’m done shouting. Thanks again. I’ll be reading this thread obsessively.)


Having reviewed the menus several times, I would estimate that there are about 5-7 things that I don’t want to try. Given that I will have very limited time (trying to add a day, but if that doesn’t happen I have just one full day and one evening to stuff it all in), I am going to need to figure out my priorities.

A couple of tips that I plan to try: bringing my own tray and waiting on dessert/sweets until after dinner time. The TP blog has a list of must-try items today, too, which is worth a read.

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Ooooh a 1st timer!! I highly recommend you check out these sites: TP blog (of course), Disney Food Blog, and former Liner @rasoutlaw’s All In WDW for better quality-reviews than my ramblings.

Crowd favorites not on my list this year but you should probably try: Mexico’s tacos (oh wait you’re from NM so you likely won’t be blown away), lamb meatball, fisherman’s pie, all O Canada, baklava, rummy dole whip, grapefruit beer, Kona pork sliders, Argentina’s skewers & empanadas, escargot, tuna roll. What am I missing, guys?

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I’m with ya. So much food, so little time. The TP blog is what inspired me to make my list today! Fun! :smile:

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At the end of DFG there is a list of what is where with boxes to check off. If you PM your address I’ll send a copy


I’m really excited! I’ve read the Disney Food Blog 2014 ebook about it and am anxiously awaiting the new one. The best thing about going the first week of November is that I’ll have WEEKS to research and read reviews.


Here’s my checklist: Africa:
South African bobotie with turkey and mushrooms

Pavlova: Crispy meringue shell with fresh berries and vanilla custard

Potato and leek waffle with beer-braised beef*
Belgium waffle with warm chocolate ganache and whipped cream

Mocequa de pescado: Regal Springs premium tilapia with coconut lime sauce and steamed rice
Pao de queijo: Brazilian cheese bread
Cocada: Brazilian coconut candy

Canadian cheddar cheese soup
Seared rainbow trout with bacon, frisee and maple Minus 8 Vinaigrette
“Le Cellier” wild mushroom beef filet mignon with truffle butter sauce

Beijing roasted duck in steamed bun with hoisin sauce

Desserts and Champagne:
Frozen S’mores featuring Monin® Toasted Marshmallow Syrup

Farm Fresh:
Florida Orange Groves, Key Limen-Key Lime Wine

Gratin de crozet de savoie: Wheat pasta gratin with mushrooms and Gruyere cheese
Boeuf bourguignon: Braised short ribs in cabernet with mashed potatoes*
Crème brûlée caramel fleur de sel: Sea salt caramel crème brûlée topped with caramelized sugar

Schinkennudeln: Pasta gratin with ham and cheese*

Griddled Greek cheese with pistachios and honey (gluten free)
Chicken gyro with tzatziki Sauce

Kālua pork slider with sweet and sour Dole® Pineapple chutney and spicy mayonnaise*
Maui Splash Sweet Pineapple Wine
Aulani Sunrise featuring Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum

Hops and Barley:
Artisan cheese plate featuring Cabot Cloth wrapped cheddar, Purple Haze chèvre goat cheese and Cave Man blue cheese

Kerrygold® cheese selection: Reserve cheddar, Dubliner with Irish Stout and Skellig
Warm chocolate pudding with Kerrygold Irish Cream Liqueur Custard

Ravioli alla caprese: Cheese ravioli, tomato sauce, mozzarella, parmesan and basil
Filetto di pollo, con funghi al marsala: Chicken tenderloin, cremini mushrooms, marsala sauce and ciabatta bread*
Cannoli al cioccolato: Chocolate-covered cannoli filled with sweet ricotta, chocolate and candied fruit

Teriyaki gyoza bun: Steamed bun filled with chicken, vegetables and sweet teriyaki sauce

Rib eye taco: Marinated rib eye, roasted chipotle salsa and grilled scallions on a corn tortilla (gluten free)**
Sweet corn cheese cake

Kefta pocket: Ground seasoned beef in a pita pocket
Spicy shrimp roll with cilantro and mint sauce*

New Zealand:
Venison sausage with pickled mushrooms, baby arugula and black currant reduction (gluten free)*
Lamb meatball with spicy tomato chutney

Beef empanada
Grilled beef skewer with chimichurri sauce and boniato purée
Roasted Verlasso salmon with quinoa salad and arugula chimichurri

Kielbasa and potato pierogi with caramelized onions and sour cream

Puerto Rico:
Ensalada de carrucho: Caribbean conch salad with onion, tomato and cilantro (gluten free)
Carne guisada con arroz blanco: Slow-braised beef with Puerto Rican-grown rice (gluten free)
Friturias: Sorullitos (sweet polenta fries) and bolitas de queso (cheese fritter with mayo ketchup)
FlanCocho: Vanilla caramel custard with chocolate coffee cake

Refreshment Port:
Dole Whip Soft-serve with crème de cacao white
Dragon Berry Refresher featuring Bacardi® Dragon Berry Rum*

Fresh potato pancake with smoked Scottish salmon and herb sour cream
Crannachan: A traditional Scottish dessert trifle

Lemongrass chicken curry with coconut and jasmine rice (gluten free)
Seared mahi mahi with jasmine rice and “Singa” sauce*

South Korea:
Roasted pork lettuce wrap with kimchi slaw

Fresh Watermelon Juice

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What is this portable tray you speak of? Do I need one? First timer. Love your list.

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I think you’ll need a portable tray, although I’m not sure how big it is. Your list has made me very hungry.

Wondering about tray too., lol

We’re local, so that’s several weekends worth of dinners – and probably a backpack of tupperware will be coming with us as well.


I am bringing a very light tray in my backpack - it’s basically coated cardboard from Target’s office section. It’s portable in that it’s small enough to fit in my bag and light enough to carry around while not in use.

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You make kitty purr.

(edit) The first year of the French Regional Lunches, one of them was Alsace. Sparr Riesling, Pinot Gris, and Gewurztraminer, poured so that one’s glass was never empty. I was catatonic afterwards.

OK, maybe not so much.

I believe the Magical Country of Cheese went to war with the Republic of Beer and lost.

Actually, I liked the Ireland cheese plate better…

and to answer your question, the mussels and the venison sausage from the New Zealand booth were both excellent. I must’ve had them a dozen times, even when it wasn’t prudent to eat any more.

OMG… cannot wait to try all of these!!!