F! at 8:30 pm first week of December

When I set up TPs for first week of December 2017, F! shows at 8:30pm even though HS hours are until 8pm. Is this correct? Wouldn’t F! show at a time closer to 7:30 or 7:45 pm? Thanks!

It’s quite common for F! to be after park close.

It also increases the chances of the Star Wars projection show being early enough to be able to see both, and that is a good thing! Usually the issue is that the SW show starts right at the end of F!, so people may be able to see the fireworks but not the projections. This way, especially if you do the F! dining package you will be able to see both.

Unless of course the schedule changes…


I would love to see both in one night!! I thought that is why they try to put all the evening shows around the same time to disperse crowds. At any rate, will definitely keep an eye on the schedule and hold on to the extra ADRs until ROL, F! and hopefully SW have firm times for December. Thanks!

The crowds the first week of December are small enough that it’s probably not necessary to have them split between the two shows.

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