Extreme noob question

Contract signed on January 15
ROFR sent on January 17
ROFR received on February 9
Closing Docs received on February 17
Contract finalized on March 2

I believe my points were loaded on March 6, for this contract. It took a lot longer for the points on my second contract to load. (Other than that, the timelines were almost identical, just a week later.) I think DVC is perhaps making an effort to load points faster that need to be used or banked. My first contract had 50 points that had to be used by July 31, 2021, and it was loaded very quickly. My second contract doesn’t have points coming until September, 2022, so they took their time. I appreciate that they are doing that because I needed to use those points that would expire for our April trip and was able to do so!


Thanks this is helpful. I was a little worried that we might be closing while I’m in Disney World 3-5 weeks from now! But this timing seems like I might just be receiving paperwork toward the end of my trip. I wouldn’t want to have to worry about notarizing or whatever in Orlando. I have the worst luck with trips and refinancings / home sale closings happening while I’m on vacation! It has happened at least 3 times. Once I had a notary meet me at a hotel.

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The buyer does not have to notarize! I did all the signing via docusign and just had to go to my bank to arrange the wire transfer. If you can do the wire remotely, you could do it all on vacation.


Oh that’s awesome! I was going to ask if I needed to notarize. That simplifies things.

I was able to remotely wire last time I closed on a refinancing so I should be all set. Still rather not worry about it on my vacation but I could if it came to that (and for a worthy cause!).