Extreme noob question

I know practically nothing about DVC. It’s intimidating. However, I am intrigued and have started to listen a tiny bit to the new member podcast that someone recommended.

Is DVC something that a couple or a single person (so no kids) could make use of or should those groups stick with the traditional WDW hotel process? That’s it. My question. Thanks in advance.


Hotel rooms aren’t really priced by the person. DVC value is more determined by your frequency of trips, preferred hotel type (deluxe), and willingness to tie up large sums of money in future vacations.


Start with these questions:

  • Do you travel to Disney on a regular basis (be it once a year or once every 2-3 years) and plan to for several years?
  • Do you generally stay on-site in Deluxe accommodations?

From there, you can dig into the details and decide if it makes sense. If you are budget conscious and prefer moderate / value / off-site, or like to travel to other locations, or don’t want to be locked into Disney long term, you can probably stop there.


I am a 60 year old dvc owner with a grown son. To me Disney is not “for kids” and love my dvc.


Thank you. I am considering more trips as I retire in about 1.5 years. From the little I’ve learned so far we would probably go with a resale vs new Disney because of their 50 year contract. Just needed to know that it’s not silly to look into if you don’t have a large family.

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Thanks. It’s because of people like you on these forums that I’m wanting to at least think about it as a possibility.

I look at my DVC as prepping for the room so that I can take the vacations I want if I retire.

You can get just about any resort direct from Disney (if you want the benefits) but these days there does not seem like any reason to pay extra to Disney. Resale sounds like a good plan.

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First point: not atm but we are thinking about it since I will be retiring soon.
Second point: on property all the way :grin:


Jeff_AZ had the correct two questions. I would add a Third.

Do you have the free-cash to buy DVC.

We frequently visit WDW. check

Moderate on-site resorts are fine for us. We get up early, leave for parks. Come back late and crash. So paying for DELUXE, either cash or DVC, doesn’t make sense for how we vacation.
(my personal view is that Disney does not earn the high rates they charge for Deluxe, so we go moderate, and add more days).

Is this how you want to spend your cash? If you have to finance a DVC purchase, your savings become much less attractive.


Excellent additional point to consider! That’s partly why I’m asking the question. I will ultimately need to find my break-point financially. We may be usually more moderate hotel people. Our upcoming deluxe trip will help us see how it fits with us. Right now I’m trying to gather enough intel to decide if I need to keep gathering intel. Lol


oh cool. which Deluxe will you be staying at?

Even if I’m considering more a resale contract would it be beneficial to go to the DVC info when we are at YC next month? Or are they a super hard sale or not open yet?

There is also: Vero Beach, Hilton Head and Aulani, Hawaii in the DVC destination ledgers. So, not just Disney CA or FL. I like what @tline35 said about Deluxe vs. mod/value and financing verses buying out right; both valid things to consider. What finally helped us buy after 20 years of debating was that we figured out we had already paid for it …probably 2x…


YC and due to pixie dust GF.

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Yacht Club is nice. GF pixie dust is nice.
YC, Copper Creek, and Baylake are the only three Deluxe i have / would pay for. ( but choose not to regularly). Wasn’t impressed with BCV – except for its location.

YC has been updated, so be careful not to expect what you will get at YC at say Boulder Ridge, OKW, Saratoga, ect. Not all DVC / Deluxe rooms are created equal. Even BCV are getting dated.

I’m glad you mentioned your financial break point. That helps take some of the emotion out of it. Another trick to take the emotion out of it is stop calling it DVC and call it a DTS – Disney Time-Share.

I’ll be interested to hear how yours comes out.
Best Wishes.

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They are NOT a hard sell, like the horror stories you hear at other Florida time-share selling.
I’ve heard many DVC’rs say their agent almost insisted, that they go home and think about it, after their sales meeting.

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Good information. I’ll keep all that in mind as I collect information. It sounds like as long as I stay realistic, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to keep collecting information for now. Which is good since I’m not in any hurry. I tend to be big on “chewing” on things for a while before acting on them. I will definitely keep you updated on what we learn/decide. I really appreciate the insights!

I’ve thought about it too btw. I’m going to WDW and DLR three total times this year. I went to WDW twice last year. And back and back. But what’s stopped me is I go so many other places too like all around the world and I don’t want to be restricted. However I will say there is a very large list of hotels you can use your points at all over the world and you can use them for certain cruises and adventures by Disney as well (though when I looked into that it didn’t make financial sense to use them for Adventures as it was cheaper to buy than points). But the hotel list was vast and didn’t look over priced.

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Most of the DVC resorts have some model units to tour. Be careful, they will show you some of the larger units you will not need. BWV and possibly BCV will have tours. Although some of the rooms are older, they will be on an update cycle. For example, BR is about to be refurbed and SSR/OKW are beautiful.


I saw a DVC room tour set up in the Poly lobby.

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