Extreme drop in attendance?

Trying to decide if we should go to DLR on Jan 3 or Jan 4 and I am just so confused as to why Friday will be 10/10 and Saturday 3/10! This is such a significant shift… Does anyone have any explanation for this? Do we trust the predictions? TIA!

I’m guessing it’s due to what happened last year. Friday, 1/4 was an 8 in DL, 10 in DCA while Saturday, 1/5 was a 3 in DL, 4 in DCA. Maybe the holiday crowds tend to leave after Friday?

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Not this far in advance. IMHO - while TP will let you plan 365 days in advance their crowd calendar isn’t reliable until a couple months out.

If you are really looking into a trip this far out I would source multiple crowd calendars to see what CL that period of time has been historically.

Of course I love TP, but I also look at IsitPacked.com and a couple others for CL info.

I think they’re talking about this weekend.

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Yes, talking about Jan 3 and 4 2020. :slight_smile:

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Opps! LOL… My mind is already into the first quarter of 2020!

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Everyone will go back to school on Monday, so the weekends may have lower attendance right after new year’s/

I agree the only reasonable explanation is that people must tend to end their vacations by Friday to head home for work / school on Monday.

Trends are trends until they aren’t, though. Any time you travel close to a holiday you risk things being busy. I would go the 4th if I had to choose since it’s a little later. Hopefully the trend will hold.

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