Extra pixie dust

We are traveling with my in-laws and have lots to celebrate. I called a few months ago and talked to a cast member to request adjoining rooms ( I know this is not a guarantee) and I added our celebrations which include birthdays, anniversaries, and in-laws’ first trip! The cast member was super sweet and excited for us. While we were talking she noted all of these so we can get pins. She also asked me to be patient as she was adding extra pixie dust to our reservation. I know adjoining rooms are not promised so it surely can’t be that she was going to give us the for certain. I wonder what she meant? I don’t expect anything, but has anyone ever been told this over the phone?

I just wanted to pick up on one point.

In Disney speak, adjoining rooms just means close by each other. If you want a connecting door you need to request connecting rooms.

Thanks for the note. I mistyped I did request connecting :slight_smile:

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From my experience working in hotels, they have the ability to block you into rooms, and likely leave a note on the reservation asking them not to be moved, or if moved keeping you all in connecting rooms. Again, its not guaranteed, because there are a million reasons things have to get rearranged to keep a hotel running at high occupancy. Which is why she also likely said pixie dust instead of that she got you the rooms for sure. There’s no telling for sure what she meant by it, but hopefully you all get your request!

In my experience, they have always done their absolute best to fulfill connecting room requests, and short of that, adjoining or nearby rooms. I’d say there’s a fairly good chance you’ll get them depending on the hotel. Just a matter of whether the other aspects of the room (location, view, etc.) will be optimal.