Extra person for California Grill

I made reservations for dinner at CG on April 30 for 6 ppl. Trouble is I now have 7ppl (4 adults, 3 kids). If I am unable to pick up the extra seat before then, are they likely to seat us if I show up with an extra person? Does anyone have experience with this?

They might not seat you with an extra person and I wouldnt want to risk it. I would try to get a separate reservation for 1 or 2 people around the same time to cover the number of people you have. I say 1 or 2 because you may find availablility for 2 but not 1, doesn’t matter as long as someone uses the reservation. They would very likely seat you all together. Set a res finder for party of 1 or 2 and one for 8 and something will likely come up. Also, you might try calling the restaurant directly and ask if they can add one more to your head count. You still have quite awhile until then so I’m sure something will work out. Enjoy!!

My cousin McEnroe would be the table for a large party. I would definitely call and ask. I have only been once, but I don’t remember there being lots of large tables. So I would be concerned about making sure the know what I need, otherwise they may be able to accommodate.