Extra Perk?

When I booked my DW trip, I received an “extra” either a visit at one of the water parks, putt-putt, or ESPN. We are only there for 6 days, so I don’t think I want to spend hours at a water park. However, I think we can fit Fantasia Gardens MGC into the plans before a Cape May dinner. I think the fine print says it has to be before 4:00. Does anyone have any good tips on redeeming this bonus and how strict they are on the timing? TIA!!

I believe I know where you got this package as I have the same thing. I don’t play golf and couldn’t care less about ESPN. That pretty much leaves the water parks. Depending on when your going, if it’s hot, this could be a valuable perk. In August of the coming year, my wife and I will be taking our 16 year old grandson to WDW. We have 8 days of park tickets with parkhopper, waterparks and more. We will be staying at WDW for 13 days and though we probably won’t go to a water park everyday, one never knows just how hot it will be. As you only have one freebie, even if you waste it your still ahead of the game.

I think @OBNurseNH did mini golf a few months back?

I did. I will scroll up to read the question.


I think they are strict on the timing. We did it around 2pmish so that we could take our time about it and still be on time for our Ohana reservation. We opted to make this parting our resort day as well and it really made for a nice change of pace.

We did WinterSummerland and it was so cute! The course was not overly challenging so that we all could have fun. And the theming was just fantastic. It was also plenty well shaded there which was good in the hot Florida sun.

One thing I would HIGHLY recommend is using your own car if you have it or an Uber/Lyft to get to and from. We are big proponents of Disney transport but this was the one time we regretted using it. Because the buses don’t go directly there, it took FOREVER to get there and back.