Extra Magic Morning at Epcot Question

I’m staying at The Beach Club in a few weeks. Does anyone know if they let you in the back World Showcase gate right at 8 am during morning extra magic hours, or do they let you in before that so you can work your way up to future world area? THX!!!

My experience has been that they hold you until they let people in the other entrance. It may be a little early, but the other side in in early too.

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…and I pulled the trigger. Super excited!

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I think they are pretty much the same time, however the crowds at International Gateway are much less. I often stay at BW and have at least one PPO reservation at GG. At that time in the morning there is never more than a half dozen people waiting. Nothing beats walking thru World Showcase with no people. Enjoy it while you can, I am sure it will all change one the Gondola opens.

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So true. It’s an easy peasy way to arrive at tapstiles at EP. One of the great perks of staying at Epcot resorts.

Funny thing is I recently glanced @EP map, realized it’s shorter to walk to FEA (we’re RDing it) past UK etc, than by way of Italy & all. For some reason in my mind, was shorter the other way.

Moot point, tho, since the other route is roped off after France.

It’s also so nice to return to hotel thru International Gate at the end of night, if you chose to stay for the night show.


We were able to enter about 15 min before EMH started. Then beelined to TT.
That beating sun on the walk from YC to IG and then to TT tho… brutal.