Extra Magic hours vs crowd levels

We are going to be at DLR Thurs 7/21-Sat 7/23 (2 full days in the parks and one 3/4 day, arriving about 11am on the Thursday with plans to stay until closing). Our original plan was to do the 1st day at DL, 2nd at CA, and the 3rd at DL, taking advantage of the morning magic hours. However, looking at the crowd calendars, it seems like the crowds will be less on Friday and Saturday at the opposite parks than the ones we had planned on visiting.

Any thoughts on which is going to help us make the most of our time–taking advantage of the Extra Magic hours or reversing our plans and hitting the parks with lower crowd predictions right when they open?

Thanks in advance!

I would say go ahead and take advantage of the EMH each morning. You can get a lot of rides in during that time. Afterward, you might hop over to the opposite park. The benefit of being at DLR is that it is so easy to park hop at your discretion.

Thanks for your response! I should clarify we are not staying at a Disney resort so we will only have the extra hour on Saturday at DL. Friday we would be going to DCA at normal opening, and Disney guests will have had their magic hours at that park that day.

In that case, I would still use your EMH on Saturday. You will most likely be able to do two or three of those attractions that have really long lines during the rest of the day. Then you could hop over to DCA.

Do you have hoppers? If not I would trash the EM and go to the park without EE. Not getting that RD benefit can extend your line time. However, I also know for the last 2 summers at least that Saturdays in the summer, where all by highest AP’s are blocked, are the slowest days of the week, but more information from you would be nice. How many of you, ages, priorities?