Extra Magic Hours question

How do EMH work just say I have a ADR at 715 at the Wave for dinner and at 9.00pm I go to MK For extra magic hours to 11pm do you just queue up for all rides that you want to do? Or are there only certain rides available?

Most rides will be available. Meet and greets and some show type attractions will finish by normal park close.

At DHS a lot of the stage shows will be finished, ditto at AKL.

There is a full list somewhere, I know I’ve seen it. I’m sure someone will be able to provide a link…

CMs will scan bands at the entrance to rides. At really busy times they may scan at random, at Christmas we were scanned just walking through Fantasyland.

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Here’s the list for MK:



I may be wrong but I thought they hadn’t announced any evening extra magic hours at DHS for a while just morning ones.

Ah sorry, that’s correct of course.