Extra Magic Hours for Mid/Late August

Is this posted anywhere? We are making our ADRs on 2/18 and it would be so helpful to know.

Sorry but they take there time in releasing those.

and they can change without notice. :roll_eyes:

Kenny the Pirate posts the hours before they are released by Disney, and they are accurate. He has an inside source, they are officially from Disney. With an ADR date of Feb 18, looks like you arrive August 17. EMH is scheduled for:
8/17 AM EMH at AK (8am)
8/18 AM EMH at HS (8am)
8/19 AM EMH at AK (8am)
8/20 PM EMH at EP (9pm)
8/21 PM EMH at MK (9pm)
8/22 AM EMH at EP (8am)
8/23 AM EMH at MK (8am)
8/24 AM EMH at AK (8am)
The patterns repeat, they are pretty consistent most of the year, they are the same as for my early April trip. His website is www.kennythepirate.com, just choose crowd calendars, then August, then the specific week. And yes, Disney might change them closer to actual trip, but these are the official ones at this time. I usually only see them change them if there is a holiday or special event, like a RunDisney race.

The hours are listed here on touringplans. You just have to go into the Crowd Calender. Even thou he may have an inside source, one thing about Disney is nothing is official until Disney announces it. And even then, it is subject to change.

Thanks so much! That really helps