Extra Magic Hours - Animal Kingdom

We have a trip planned for May 29, 2018 - June 5, 2018. I’ve been looking over the Crowd Calendar for this time and it states that Animal Kingdom will have EMH almost every night of our trip. I know last year that this corresponded with the opening of Pandora, do you think they will have EMHs every night in 2018 as well?

Great question for @len

Monday the 28th is memorial day. In all likelihood, they EMH hours are due to it being a holiday week.

The official times for that week have not yet been published. So anything you see on the CC is just a guess.


The hours are just a guess at this point. I’d say it’s not impossible that Disney would have EMH there as well next summer, especially with not much else opening. (Toy Story Land the exception, but won’t be able to handle major crowds.)