Extra Magic Hours and the International Gateway

I’ve tried to find information but have heard 'yes ’ and ‘no’. If you use Morning Extra Magic Hours for Epcot and are staying at an Epcot resort. Can you enter through the International Gateway? I found such conflicting answers. Anyone have experience with it?

I heard:
yes, but everything in world showcase is closed so you have to walk to the other section.
No, but there is a bus from the gateway that takes you to the main entrance.
No, not at all.

Yes, as long as the park is open you can enter through IG. World Showcase is not open ( the bakery in France is open, but I am not sure about EMH). You just walk through an empty WS to FW.


Emphatically, absolutely YES you can enter through the Intl Gateway. If the front gate is opem, the gateway is open. And, you do not have to be a guest at a Boardwalk resort. That bus response cracked me up. PS If you want to RD a FW attraction, go left through the UK and make a left just pass the Refreshment Port

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